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Use BEMCLI to duplicate backup sets to new drive

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My old disk storage is dying and I acquired a new disk storage and added it to Backup Exec. I am trying to copy the backup sets from the old storage to the new storage, but given the number of files, this is tedious. How do I use BEMCLI to do this?



If the OLD Storage is still working and visible in BE then the preferred method is
- create a new B2D folder on the new storage
- In BE / Storage tab, go to the old B2D folder 
- right click on the backup sets you want to keep and select duplicate
- As target device you select the new B2D.
This will duplicate / create a new backup set on the new disk.

Thanks RogRubin. I know how to do this through the GUI, but wanted to know if this was possible through the BEMCLI. If it is, how would I do this?

I'm not sure the exact commands you'd use to do this with BEMCLI, but I would recommend as a starting point refer to the BEMCLI help file "BEMCLI_en.chm" located in the Backup Exec installation folder (its pretty comprehensive).

Maybe 'Add-BEDuplicateStageBackup Task'

I'd have thought - bearing in mind you can right click on multiple backup sets at a time - that the Gui would be the way to go. However good luck with the BEMCLI method.


Thanks for the response PJ_Backup. However, I have been having problems with the GUI, hence my request. Specifically, when I select a large number of backup sets then click duplicate, the screen sometimes comes up with significantly less sets than selected. I did not realise this until I was double checking my results and found the majority of the sets I duplicated were missing from my new storage. When I tried to correct this by duplicating the sets again, I ended up with multiple copies of some sets on the new storage and still others were missing. When tried the missing ones one at a time, they duplicated properly.

Given the tedious nature of identifying the missing sets and duplicating them one by one, I was hoping BEMCLI (powershell) could do this. Theoretically, it would be easy to programmatically check for each set and if it is missing, duplicate it. However, my research into BEMCLI suggested it does not work with backup sets. I was hoping I was wrong, hence this post.

I ended up manually wading through the mess. However, I would still like to know if BEMCLI can do this, in case it is needed in the future, or can benefit others.