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Use multiple media servers to back up single vcenter server

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Is it possible to back up a single vcenter server and its associated hosts/guests with 2 backup exec media servers? Or does it lose the trust of the first once you add it to the 2nd? I would like to back up some esx guests with one server and the rest with another.


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Well, you can try putting in 2 different IP addresses for the media servers on the VC and see if that works! The only other option is to manually target the respective ESXi hosts to the different media servers, but then if a VM vMotions between hosts it will most likelyfail the job. Thanks!

Level 5

With vCenter or ESXi there is no trust needed. NO Backup Exec Agent required to backup up VMs from either vCenter or ESXi.

The issue here is how do you get a catalog and Backup file from one media server to another. Well, you can manually copy all the Backup files to your other media server and inventory catalog them. Or you could use the CASO option.

CASO allows for a centrally controlled Backup Exec setup. You could backup from the Central Media server and restore from one of it's Managed Media servers. Or you could backup from the Managed Media Server and restore from the Central Media server.