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User Account vs Service Account

Is it possibly to setup Backup Exec with a service account and not a user account?

we currently use a user account that allows us to log into the backup servers.

Backup Exec is using this account for running its services.

we utilize Backup Exec 2010 R3 and Backup Exec 2012.

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Hello MichaelDaddo, It is

Hello MichaelDaddo,

It is recommended to set up the Backup Exec Service Account through a user account (see )  because of the way a service account is used and its management role in AD.

Hope this helps,


You need an account (BELA) to

You need an account (BELA) to logon to the BE console, but this can be a different account from the BESA which is used to start the BE services.

The BELA can have less privileges than the BESA, but it still requires the minimum as specified in the document below

Understanding Logon Accounts and User Rights Assignment for Backup Exec 2010