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Using Media Vault for Tape Management

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We have several backup jobs that run just on the weekend that capture full vmWare guest servers.  We run these to a Media Set that has two tapes.  Recently we've ran into an issue where the first tape is almost full when another job kicks off and appends to it.  Well, the data from that job is too much to fit onto that first tape, so it reaches the end of the job then just sits there prompting to import blank or scratch media.  Well, we have a second tape available as part of the media set, but since it has other jobs on it, the job that is "hung" cannot append itself to another tape (read that this is by design).  So I was thinking of using a Media Vault to export the first tape to after the 2nd to last job runs so that the final job doesn't get hung up after filling the rest of tape 1, instead, if tape 1 is exported to the media vault prior to the final job running, then tape 2 should be the only media available and it has plenty of space for the final job to write to.  Can the Media Vault be used in this scenario?  When tape media is exported to it at the end of the job, the media isn't available again until an inventory is ran against the slot, correct?


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No. Media Vault is used to keep track of tapes being moved to actual vaults.  It would not help in your situation.

If you don't want the next job to append to any tape, then specify Overwrite in your job.  Otherwise, set the Append Period of the media set to 0.

Do read the Tape Management chapter in the Admin Guide for further details.