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V-79-10000-11219 - VSS Snapshot error

Level 3

Hi guys.

Perhaps one of you has encountered this problem, but I just can not solve it and find a solution within two weeks.
Error began to arise from nowhere. The fact is that in addition to the system, the backup of disk D files is also performed. There everything is without errors, but during a system backup it falls into an error. Google bugged a forum where one solution was said: delete the nonexistent directory to which the error points. But I do not have such a directory. Updated agent - did not help. Reboot the server - did not help. I hope someone can give a normal answer and solution in this matter. I also apply agent logs.
Thank you in advance


Employee Accredited Certified

can you create a new backup job and check if the error still exist ?


I create new job, choose C:. System State and System EFI

Run job, and job failed.

Veritas can't help????? Whats problem?