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V-79-40960-38467 - Virtual machine SERVERNAME has been excluded from the backup because it must be put in a saved state to back up

There have been several other posts with this error. Most of them unresolved. I have tried everything in them, hence new post.


Hyper-V Host running Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacentre and Backup Exec 15

All updates for Backup Exec installed (same for Windows)

2 Virtual Servers included as Hyper-V backups both report:

V-79-40960-38467 - Virtual machine "Servername" has been excluded from the backup because it must be put in a saved state to back up.

There are no other servers (virtual or physical), just the Hyper-V host and 2 guests. One Guest runs Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacentre. The other runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.


I have run through the following articles:

Although for previous versions of Backup Exec and Windows Server, ran through posts anyway. Everything checked already.

I cannot use the option to untick the "Exclude Virtual Machines that must be put in a saved state to back up" as the servers have software that should be available 24/7 ideally. Also, you really shouldn't have to do this.


  • SCVMM issues (2008 R1).
    We have never had SCVMM installed. Purely Hyper-V management
  • The Hyper-V integration services are installed and the VSS integration service is enabled (inc. COM+, DTC services as well)
    Yes. Both virtual servers have latest integration services and have all the services enabled
  • All virtual machine disks are configured within the guest operating system as NTFS-formatted basic disks.
  • Each virtual machine volume must specify itself as the storage location for its shadow copies
  • All integration services enabled on Hyper-V settings
    Yes - all other than Time synchronisation on one of the servers due to it being the PDC-E Domain Controller and syncing from external host
    Second server (not a DC) has all Integration Services ticked
  • Ensure 20% disk space free on host and VMs
  • Ensure plenty of un-fragmented RAM is available on the host.
  • Backup Exec agents installed on VMs
  • Add reg key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore --- REG_DWORD:ScopeSnapshots:0x0
    I have not done this yet. Also article says this is for Windows Server 2012 guest only. One guest is 2012 R2, other is 2008 R2. Reluctant to add change unless I know exactly what it does and why - no explanation provided
  • Run backup as Remote Agent instead of Hyper-V VM selection
    I have not done this yet and will try at earliest opportunity but not really a good solution

Any thoughts? Thanks.

    Sam Hobday @ Flair 4 IT