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V-79-57344-33329 - Library - cleaning media was mounted.

Level 3

Exchange Duplicate Full backup job with 11d
encyrption used
restore individual mailbox used

The job runs but hangs after several hours (somehow I think it is crashing my DC's also). I cancel the job and then the log shows V-79-57344-33329 - Library - cleaning media was mounted. The job used a B2D as the source and the library as the destination. I double-checked the slot it pulled the tape from and it IS NOT the cleaning media.

Has anyone else had this error? If so, any fixes?

Level 6
Manually install the two hotfixes & ensure that the library hasn't got the slot nominated as the cleaning slot.

Is there a message on the library asking for a clean?

Level 3

I had this exact same problem with my tape library.

After 9 frustating days dealing with the supposed Symantec support staff, I was told this was a known issue relating to GRT backups and to discontinue use of GRT backups and to use brick level mailbox backups as a work around.

Level 6

-- Do you receive any event ids in the eent logs?

-- Kindly change Scsi id of the Medium changer to SCSI id 2 and the drive to SCSI id 3.

-- Stop "Removable storage" service and change startup type to manual.

Thank You,


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I had the same problem. My backups where running fine to B2D part. But when duplicated to tape the it gave me the cleaning media cra..

This is what I did to fix the duplicate part.

- Removed the cleaning tape and slot.
- Deleted the duplicate jobs and created them again.

And now it works.

I have also seen that when a duplicate job fails once, only way to fix it is by deleting it.

Level 4

i know this is from a long time ago, but i just found it useful. i'd also like to add one thing. i did the following:
  • removed the cleaning tape/slot
  • deleted the duplicate job, then recreated it
  • restart the backup exec services (this is the additional step). you can do this by going to: TOOLS - BACKUP EXEC SERVICES, then choose "Restart All Services"
at first it didn't work after performing the first 2 steps. it wasn't until i restarted the services that the error went away and the duplicate job completed.