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V-79-57344-3850 The media operation was terminated by user.

We have a weird problem with Backup Exec 10 on a Windows 2003 SBS.

In the backup logs

"V-79-57344-3850 The media operation was terminated by user."

I can confirm that no user has been stopping this backup job.

The e-mail report shows that;

(Server: "DCSRV") (Job: "Full-Full_Backup-Full") The job was automatically canceled because it exceeded the job's maximum configured run time.

The backup seems to run ok, when you put the tape in it sounds like it is backing up. Infact I look at last nights attempt to backup, and it backed up 43,192,956,218. Prior to this the last full working / completed backup was approx 63,000,000,000 with no problems.

I don't know whether the backup just gets to a particular point and hangs until its canceled? I tried to set BE to automatically respond to a tape eject request.

There just seems to be no apparent reason for the error, it just over-runs the configured time and cancels itself.

I looked through some completed posts in one of the other forums here, I couldn't find a solution... however i've seen a similar case there, i've read through that post and I am posting below information required that were asked for; hoping to help this case along...


Schedule options is now set to 12 hours and automatically cancel, previously before this problem it was set to 8. The backup usually completes in less than that.

We're using ultrium 2 tapes capacity is 200/400gb? as mentioned about 63,000,000,000 is usually written to them with no problems.

The compression in the backup is just the normal hardware compression, nothing has changed here since it was last working correctly.

We are overwriting the tapes not appending.

There is just the one particular backup job on this server, the problem started immediately after we got back from the Christmas break. The last backup before Christmas completed ok, and everyone has been on holiday over that period.

I was able to backup the entire job on one tape before.

You can appreciate i'm scratching my head about this one...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Re: V-79-57344-3850 The media operation was terminated by user.

I am having the exact same problem on one of my systems as well. Does anyone has any ideas or did you get this resolved James?