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V-79-57344-38743 - A Backup Exec media server cannot back itself up when it is installed on a virtual machine.


I keep getting the "A Backup Exec media server cannot back itself up when it is installed on a virtual machine" on every job regarding virtual machines.
I have two scenarios, where I believe the error should not appear at all.
1) BE 2010 R3, VMWARE vCenter, separate 2008 R2 backup server.
- I backup the vCenter to a B2D folder. Separate job with only the vCenter selected. Also tried selecting the ESX server separately with no success.
  GRT does work and I'm usually able to recover everything normally, but I never get the jobs to finish successfully.
- Keep getting the error though the backup server itself has nothing to do with virtual machines.
- I also have a Tape backup job for the files separately.
2) BE2010 R3, Hyper-V, Backup Exec installed on the host.
- This scenario is not optimal, but still the error would not happen here either, as the server itself is not virtual.
- Hyper-V only selected for the job, same error. GRT works and so on.
- I want to backup up the virtual machines without an error in the end.
Q: How do I get the backups top finish without the error? Why do I get the error when the backup servers aren't virtual?
Thank you.
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Hi,   This is 1 of the



This is 1 of the reasons for not running BE on a VM. If you're able to move it to physical hardware, do so.

That said, put in an exclusion for the BE media server in your selection list, or deselect it manually.


Hi Craig, Thanks for the

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the quick answer.

I tried to express that in both scenarios the BE media server _is_ on physical hardware.

In the vmware environment it's a totally separate physical computer while in the hyper-v environment it is the host, but still on physical hardware.

In other words. BE is not installed in virtual machines, and that's why I'm confused about the error message.

And also the virtualdisk- and normal windows agent-backup jobs are separated.


That is pretty strange

That is pretty strange then...any selections for the media server in your selection list itself? IF so, remove them and run the backup job again to see if this goes through successfully. Change to the Text View in your selection list.


Had recently encountered same

Had recently encountered same issue...i.e. BE was on a physical server, however receiving error about the media server cannot back itself the reason was IP of the VMs had the same IP address as that of the BE media server & hence the error...worth a try..

No selections for anything

No selections for anything but the virtual machines in the vmware environment job.

In the hyper-v environment I have to select the hyper-v branch from under the media server but there are no other components selected from the media server itself.

In the Text View there is only a selection for:
VMVCB::\\server\VCDataCenter\datacenter\domainname\*.* /SUBDIR
And similar for the hyper-v environment.

Strange indeed..

I've also made a whole new selection list and job but that didn't help either.
I read something about it in a forum.

VJware: Checked this, no


Checked this, no luck.
All VMs are servers so there would be other problems also with an IP conflict.

Also saw this in a forum somewhere.

Thank you for the answer though.

Are you backing up any

Are you backing up any non-windows VMs in the same job ? If yes, separate them into two for windows VMs with GRT enabled & the other one for non-windows VMs with GRT disabled & retry..


In the vmware environment all

In the vmware environment all VMs are Windows computers, with GRT enabled. So nothing new to try here.

In the hyper-v backup I can remove the one VM that's a Linux machine.

Hello again. About the

Hello again. About the Hyper-V environment.
After removing the linux VM from the backup job it does not give me the error.

The new separate job for the linux VM does not work at all, naturally. Gives me the error.
Does this have to do with BE2010 not being fully compatible with Linux?

I've modified the job to backup only the vdisks using the Windows Agent, this would do the trick as I'm not using a linux agent.

Still having this problem with the vmware backup jobb, will try to separate some of the VM:s to see if one of them is causing the problem.

Thank you for the tip!

...the only incompatibility

...the only incompatibility would be if your version of Linux isn't on the SCL...check the link below:


Hmm, The strangest thing


The strangest thing about the Linux VM backup is that it's on a different Hyper-V host, not the one that BE is installed on.

When I try to run the job selecting only the Linux VM from the Hyper-V agent of the second Hyper-V host I get the normal (topic) error after 2 seconds. So it does not even try to do anything, just stops.

The Linux version is Red Hat Enterprise 6.2, not found in the compatibility list, can this be the problem? Still, I'm only trying to backup the vdisks.


Tried the backup from another

Tried the backup from another physical server, now with BE 2012.

Same result, can't back up the Linux machine at all. BE 2012 is compatible with Red Hat 6.0 but no mention of 6.2. Is this still the problem?

The backup runs for 5 seconds tops. Same error.

I'm probably going to have to use another software to back that computer up for now....


Anyone? Would the Linux agent


Would the Linux agent help for that?

Does the problem have to do with the linux version not being supported?