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V-79-57344-38749 - Backup Exec was unable to prepare Microsoft SQL resources for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations

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I have a w2k8 r2 Hyper V Host with 3 Virtual Servers.  The VM's are also w2k8 r2 and each have a copy of SQL installed.  We have all the licenses required.

We have a backup job that backs up the host and the 3 virtual machines, it completes with exceptions.

The exception on 1 of the SQL databases is  "V-79-57344-38749 - Backup Exec was unable to prepare Microsoft SQL resources for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations".

We can not restore the SQL database on this one virtual server without restoring the whole server and I can not understand why.

All the testing of credentials passes, SQL versions are all the same.. I'm at a bit of a loss.

Any advice appriciated.


Many thanks


Jon Buckley




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Make sure the media server is updated and the remote agents pushed out to the remote servers.

What is the version of Backup Exec?  see if this helps

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Check below Jon:


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On the 1 server that's having an issue, are all the databases inside of SQL online?

Are you able to backup that SQL instance with a regular backup (not using the Hyper-V agent)?

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Thanks for your advise so far, I can confirm the following: -


Version: 14.0 Rev. 1798 (64 Bit).
All the required licenses are licensed and Installed.
Service Pack 4 is now available.
All virtual hard disks are fixed.
Disks are all MBR.
Remote Agent is 14.0.1798.

If I create a new job by right clicking on the server (that is having the problem) and select backup I can select just MSSQL, the job fails with the following error: -

V-79-57344-65085 - There was a problem running the DBCC.
Database 'SQLDatabase1' cannot be opened because it is offline.

There are approx 7 databases, 3 fail with the above message the other complete with a warning about the type of recorvey mode which is acceptable.

If an SQL Database is offline would that stop GRT backups / restores on our original backup job which includes selecting the host and all the virtual machines running on it.


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