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(V-79-57344-65225 - A failure occurred accessing the Writer metadata) on the W2k8 R2 HyperV virtual machine

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Is BE12.5 whith latest updates compatible with Windows 2008 R2 hyperv virtual machines? Host is W2K8 Ent, virtual machine is W2K8 R2 Ent.
I got error "V-79-57344-65225 - A failure occurred accessing the Writer metadata." after backup. Agent installed on this machine is in latest version with all updates and one of them is described as a kind of compatibility pack for RAWS for w2k8 r2.

When BE will be fully compatible with W2K8 R2?

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This could be an  issue with Shadow Copy Components on the Server being backed up.


1. Usually, a reboot of the server will resolve this issue. If a reboot fails to resolve the issue, check the VSSADMIN writer status (follow the tech note given in the Related Documents section).

2. If the VSSADMIN writer shows failed status for any of the writers, refer to the Microsoft Article given below for the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) update package.;en-us;940349

For further help with writers, please contact Microsoft for assistance.

3. If the VSSADMIN writers shows a "stable" status, update the server with the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)  update package given above and test the backup again.
If the issue remains unresolved contact Symantec Technical Support for further help.