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V-79-8192-38330 on VMware backup


We get V-79-8192-38330 errors in the backup log because some machines having independent/persistent vdisks. We know that BE will skip those vmdks for technical reasons and this is what we intend. However the backup gets the status failed which leads to the fact that the customer has to look into every backup log in detail to see if something else caused the backup to fail.

Is there any way that this "error" doesn't cause the backup status being set to failed?


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Hi ,   Please refer to few

Hi ,


Please refer to few link below that should help you


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Hi. Thanks for the


Thanks for the link.

Seems that we hit another bug/shortcoming of BE 2010. This issue renders VMware Agent useless for us and the availability of VMware agent was the main reason we choose BE here at all. Good thing that we did not already bought at least the agents.


Hi ,   You can definitely see

Hi ,


You can definitely see but we newer build for BE 2010 this issue would have been fixed


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Hi. Sorry but I did not get


Sorry but I did not get what you said.

Did you say that with the latest fixes for BE 2010 R2 the issue is fixed?

Then I'm wondering why the GRT info is missing for the VMDK which was backed up.


No for BE 2010 r2 issue is

No for BE 2010 r2 issue is not fixed as per the above link but i was suggesting backup exec are bringing lot of hotfixes to resolve the issue & in next few months they might bring newer build which is greater than r2 this information is still internal but for now you can subscribe to the document i have given you so that if any hotfix is released you will be notified on same


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Hi Harsi,   Any updates here

Hi Harsi,


Any updates here please mark this post as resolved if your douts are cleared


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Hi. Per document


Per document as a workaround unter 2. the following is stated:

"2. Exclude the RDM / Independent disk from the backup"

Can anybody give me a hint how this should be done exactly? Within the resource browser I can only operate on machine level and not on vmdk level. So how to exclude the disk from backup?

Thanks for your help.


Hi   As per your request



As per your request please refer this should help you

If this help please mark this solved

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Sorry, but how do you know

Sorry, but how do you know this? Do you have an inside track at Symantec?

Would be interresting to know

Would be interresting to know also for us.

We opened a support case and till now it seems that Symantec is not willing to fix this issue. Till now they even do not agree that this is a bug. They still argue this is "works as designed".

It's a pity that after an upgrade you get less functionality compared to prior versions (12.5 where this worked).


Hi, Go to the Ideas section


Go to the Ideas section and post it as an Idea. Who knows, with enough votes it might be considered for future versions!



Re: Hi, Go to the Ideas section



Backup Exec 20.03 REV1188

And I have the same issue -->

Auftragsprotokoll: BEX_GSTBS_03395.xml

V-79-8192-38330 - Der virtuelle Computer enthält unabhängige Datenträger. Die Datenträger, die in einem unabhängigen persistenten Modus oder in einem unabhängigen nicht persistenten Modus konfiguriert sind, werden nicht gesichert.
Disk '[QNAS VMWARE ISCSI] DockerSRV/DockerSRV.vmdk' is marked as independent persistent. Ignoring for backup. 

I did'nt found any way to mark this error to irgnore-List or to skip this vmdk.

Has anyone a actual idea?