VFF Driver missing with BE 2010 R3, Exchange 2010, Server 2008 R2


I installed Agent for exchange (trial) on media server. But job failed with VFF driver missing with back up of only systemstate. 

I installed RAWS on Exchange Server and tested VirtFile is running there. 

Othere side  VirtFile its not running on Media server, to troubleshoot  i tried to re-install  Exchange agent from Media server but i am unable to un-install it ( Grayed).

How could i get ride of this issue, 



Mast MaX



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Hello Mast Max, Please refer

Hello Mast Max,

Please refer to the solution part of the following articles: 




HI  Siddhant Thank for your

HI  Siddhant

Thank for your prompt reply,

As recommended in KB article I did some changes but ended with no success

- I am not able to remover Exchange and Active directory agent (Trial, No keys) for re-installation.

-I re-install (repair) all BE 2010 Media server. 

- Uninstall and install RAWS on exchange server.

Above steps didn’t help to ret ride off VFF error.

FLTMC output showing vertfile instance on Exchange but not on Media server.

I don’t have other BE Media server i am not able to copy-install VirtFile.sys, VirtFile.inf and VirtApi.dll files as mentioned in KB article.

- After unchecking” “Enable the restore of individual objects from Active Directory backupsbackup job succeeded but without GRT.






Can you try moving the

Can you try moving the besernum.xml file to an alternate location(this would get the complete application in Trial Mode) and then try to add the license again. 

Refer to http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH87335 to get details of the license file location.