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VM Backup Error: V-79-57344-4611


Just need help to resolve the encountered error while backing-up Virtual Machine on VMware 6.0 environment.

Version: BE 20.4

Error: V-79-57344-4611 - An error occurred creating or accessing the directory F:\BEData|IMG001293 specified for the operation. Ensure that the directory is accessible and can be written to.


Thank you!

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Re: VM Backup Error: V-79-57344-4611

Hello LeoD

Ca you create the folder F:\BEData\IMG001293 through explorer?

If this was helpful please mark this as solution.

Re: VM Backup Error: V-79-57344-4611

Hello Lothar,

Yes I can access and create folder inside the folder path F:\BEData. This folder path has a read/write full permission access for BE server.

Thank you!

Re: VM Backup Error: V-79-57344-4611

Ensure the temp location on each drive of BE server , along with backup destination are excluded from Antivirus. Then run the backup and see how it goes ? Also, do you get this error everytime the backup is run or this is an intermittent error ?