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VM backup fails unable to open disk with SSL error

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I just updated from Backup Exec 2014 to 15 FP3. Before the upgrade all backups were being performed fine, after the upgrade none of the vmware backups are working now. I get the following error on every one:

V-79-57344-38277 - Unable to open a disk of the virtual machine.
VixDiskLib_Open() reported the error: You do not have access rights to this file
VDDK-Warn: SSL: Unknown SSL Error
VDDK-Warn: SSL: connect failed
VDDK-Warn: [NFC ERROR] NfcNewAuthdConnectionEx: Failed to connect to peer. Error: The remote host certificate has these problems:
VDDK-Warn: * The host certificate chain is incomplete.
VDDK-Warn: * Host name does not match the subject name(s) in certificate.
VDDK-Warn: * unable to get local issuer certificate

I've looked up the error code, but none of the listed solutions match this error. I found one reference in a completely different backup product's support documents that the latest VDDK (5.5+) defaults to SSL checking, and mentions adding a registry key to skip the certificate check (VerifySSLCertificates=0), but that key already exists on the Backup Exec server and does not appear to have an effect on the backups.

I've also tried re-creating the backup jobs with the same result.

How do I get past this error so the backups will start again?


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Has the remote agent on these VMs updated as well ?

Is the Agent for VMware & Hyper-V license installed ? If yes, uninstall & reinstall this license.

Lastly, please attach the complete SGmon debug log (for the BE media server, virtual host & VM) for a proper analysis. Thank you.

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Remote agent has been updated, and clients restarted so the install should be complete.

License is NFR so all agents are licensed (reinstall didn't change errors).

I can get sgmon logs from server and VM, but they have lots of info in them, I don't know if I want to post them publicly here. Is there something in particular I should look for? And what virtual host log would be useful (this is ESXi 5.5u3)?

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Has there been any resolution to this problem? I am creating brand new VM jobs in BE 15 and I am recieving the exact same errors. 

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Any update on this? we are having problems with backup of virtual machines, and this is getting frustrating.

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has your besa (backup exec service account) the necesary rights?