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VM level backup individual disks with GRT

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New to backup exec, currently trialling it to see if can resolve an issue we have.  We have a Windows 2019 server with 200TB+ data that we backup through Windows but now want to do VM level backups to offload the performance hit on the VM itself.  Due to the size of server we would prefer to have a backup job for each disk of the VM or maybe a few disks per job, we also need to have file level recovery.   The VM also has VMDK's which have the same name which are in different data stores.  From doing an initial test I have the following questions, if anyone can assist I would much appreciate it.

  1. Is it possible to backup individual disks at VM level without also backing up the OS drive? (We need file level recovery)
  2. When selecting multiple disks we get an error saying the VMDK's have the same name so all disks with the same name will be backed up even though it appears to have only selected the disk I wanted and gave each disk with the same name a unique number at the end, is this really the case that it will backup all disks with the same name or is there an easy way around it?
  3. When it performs a snapshot due to the size of the VM I believe the machine becomes unresponsive for a reasonable period of time and even ping's are not responding.  I have not installed a Veritas agent on the VM, not sure if this would help.  Is there anything that can improve the snapshot time and the server becoming unresponsive?  
  4. I do not actually need to snapshot the VM as I am not worried about full VM recovery just getting the data backed up through VMware level backups is my goal, is it possible to do the data drives backups through VMware in anyway without snapshot of the VM?

Open to any suggestions or recommendations to achieve backing this big server up through VMware without impacting the availability of the Windows VM due to snapshots and the size they will grow to as backing up this 200TB+ will take days to achieve and the snapshot will take up a lot of space in that time.  Thanks for any help.