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VMware Agent - Are you having success?



We are trying to come up with our backup strategy and just saw that Backup Exec now has an agent for VMware.  We currently use a combination of Backup Exec and vRanger to handle our network, but would really like to bring it all under one application.


Is the new agent worth the $2500+ retail cost?  We have 6 ESX hosts, so the commitment would be rather larger compared with vRanger.  Can you do differentials with the agent or only full backups?  How fast are restores?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: VMware Agent - Are you having success?

 I would cover the technical aspect of your question


1. Can AVVI ( Agent for Vmware Virtual Infrastructure) perform differential/incremental backup

   No , AVVI can only perform Full backup of the VM .


2. How fast are the restores ?


 Well both backup and restore follows the same process. 
  BEWS AVVI wil make use VCB proxy server to temporarily mount the vm image files and then depending on the restore setting will help you restore


 If you question is in terms of speed then

 AVVI supports both LAN mode as well as SAN mode


  BEWS 12.5 is available as trailware to test, you are most welcomed to test it for your self.


Introduction to the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) for Backup Exec windows server (BEWS) version 12.5