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VMware Agent question

I want to backup the VMDK files for my Virtual Machines.  I don't need GRT or anything else, I just want to be able to get the .vmdk, .vmx files and only care about being able to do a full restore of the entire VM.  Is VCB a requirement to do this?


Also, does the VM need to be shutdown or paused or anything to get a proper .vmdk backup?



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Re: VMware Agent question

VCB is a requirement if you choose to use the agent that this forum is for.  The whole purpose of this agent is to use VCB to gracefully snapshot and export the VMDK files for you.


You can also use the AOFO to just backup your datastore without VCB, powering off, or needing this $2,000+ agent.  I have read articles indicating that this is not a great idea becase at best you get crash consistent backups and at worse you can actually end up with corrupt and unbootable restores. 


Hope that clears things up some.