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VMware Backups via AVVI trouble

Level 3

Hello community!

I have an one trouble with my Symantec BackUp Exec 15. I try to do incremental backup  of one VmWare virtual server and get an error number 0xe00095a7

I googled a few articles in knowledge base where need to disable vmware virtual driver and filesystem sync driver but it does't work for me. What can I do yet ?


Level 3

Your issue seems to be enviornment specific, as issue occurs only with one specific VMware VM. I would suggest you to check VMware Tools version and ensure that is updated on problematic VM if not than try updating and check if that works or else try re-installing latest VMware Tools excluding Volume Shadow Copy Services Support and Filesystem Sync Driver options.

You may refer these following technotes which may help to perform the above suggestions :-
VMware Backups via AVVI agent fails with 0xe00095a7 - The operation failed because the virtual center or ESX server reported that the virtual machine's configuration is invalid

How to perform an automated or manual uninstall of the VMware Snapshot Provider.


Hi r00tkid,

I am not sure what version of VMware Tools within the VMs. If it is VMware Tools 10.1 or later, please refer to article.100034292 to reinstall VMware Tools, then upgrade Backup Exec to Backup Exec 16 Feature Pack 1 or later: