VMware backup images with GRT - duplicate to another DD pool




I have a test setup with 2 backupexec servers interacting using Central Admin Server option and shared de-dupe pools / tape library.


I have the VM backups working fine via SAN transport and am experimenting with Duplication to the second server with another Dedupe pool.

This functionally works fine as an extra stage in the job  - BUT it only copies the backup set image and not the GRT data meaning no granular restore ?


The image is clearly duplicated as i can see the new backupset in the seconf DD pool, and even select for an image level restore, but not GRT file level

I understand that some of this is held in the catalog folder so can i replicate this using the CAS options or even manually...?

Only need this for a few of the most time sensitive servers - as then a restore could be done even in case of a backup server failure. 


Is this a limitation, a catalogue/ setup issue and is there a way to make the granular restore available from BOTH source Dedupe pools ?




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Do you know if delayed

Do you know if delayed catalogs were enabled on the original backups, and if yes had the delayed catalog job run before the duplicate job ran?


Hi, The delayed catalogue




The delayed catalogue runs successfully and from the first target backup i can run GRT enabled restore.

The Duplicate then copies to the second server / De-dupe pool and the only available option is to restore the full VM image ?




The delayed catalogue runs

The delayed catalogue runs "as a seperate job"....is this why it does not get Duplicated ?