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VMware backups

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We have two questions about VMware backups using the Backup Exec Agent for VMware.

1. We currently are backing up using the SAN Transport mode and are getting just over 6,000 MB/min. The full backup job is going to an OST network disk. The job has Instant GRT enabled as well as Instant Recovery. The network connectivity is 10Gb between the Backup Exec server, the SAN and the OST deduplication appliance. Is this 7GB per minute on average, below average, or above average for SAN Transport Mode over 10Gb? It seems like the link is nowhere near being saturated and we have no idea what else could be tweaked to get better performance. What real world speed have you gotten?

2. Is there an easy way to backup multiple VMs in parallel? Backup Exec still does not have this feature and it seems we would benefit from having parallel jobs. But we don't want to keep editing the backup job each time a new VM is added. We don't want to lose the dynamic discovery we get with just targeting an entire vCenter.





What is the model of OST network disk ? What type of disk is being using in OST?

It is an HPE StoreOnce 3660 and a Catalyst Store is presented to the Backup Exec server. I already tried some of the registry tweaks in a Veritas article for SAN transport mode and have not seen any significant improvement.

We don't have Jumbo frames enabled on the networking side.