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VSS Snapshot error

Hi Guys, Kindly please assist

I am currently facing this issue for the past 3 weeks now.

 VSS Snapshot error. Out of disk space, or could not find an NTFS volume while creating the snapshot. Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) requires an NTFS volume with enough free disk space for each physical or virtual disk volume to cache the data that changes during the backup job. 

I tried everything, Yes the backups are still failing.

Please assist me with this.

2 Replies

Re: VSS Snapshot error

what VSS related errors do you see in the system or application event logs of the server being backed up. Configure the VSS Storage area from drive properties shadow copies and set it appropriately

Re: VSS Snapshot error

OK, so what did you try?

Have you checked to make sure that you have enough disk space on the server in question? Or the datastore that any VMs are running on for instance?