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Various problems with the deduplication folder

Hi everyone,

I tried to find some solution to that Deduplication mystery in BackupExec 2010 R2 rev.4164 64bit.

Hotfix: 358289, 140360, 358410, 358288, 138226

We currently experience a lot of troubles with the DSF folder. Not only that it doesn't turn online until we "push" it a bit and then restart the services, but we also experienced some more urgent problems with the DSF. In order to find a solution to our problems, I tried to find some answers in the rather limited documentation of the Dedup solution of BackupExec 2010 but was unable to find the correct one. So maybe someone here can help me.

We have a Mediaserver with a 16TB Deduplication folder and ran into a Full disk. So a couple of days ago we deleted a lot of old backups and still today the DSF folder is full.

I ran manually a couple of

crcollect -v -m +1,+2

crcontrol --processqueue
crcontrol --processqueueinfo

crcontrol --compactstart

crcontrol --compactstate


And still I end up with these stats:   (Records marked for compactions +200K files !)

I assume that can't be correct, right?

crcontrol --dsstat

************ Data Store statistics ************
Data storage       Size   Used  Avail Use%
                  14.6T  12.7T   1.9T  87%
Number of containers             : 52258
Average container size           : 265758813 bytes (253.45MB)
Space allocated for containers   : 13888024062230 bytes (12.63TB)
Space used within containers     : 13835927476729 bytes (12.58TB)
Space available within containers: 52096585501 bytes (48.52GB)
Space needs compaction           : 24952328716 bytes (23.24GB)
Records marked for compaction    : 220354
Active records                   : 105504086
Total records                    : 105724440

Use "--dsstat 1" to get more accurate statistics


Another problem that I noticed is that I have a couple OST files in this Deduplication Storage Folder which have been marked as “offline Media”. An inventory of the entire DSF folder returns for each offline OST file the message: Error : e0008214 - Library error - source location is empty.

The ADAMM.log files shows the following:

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 2

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 3

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 65

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 202

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 203

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 204

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 207

ostutil: PureDisk:ANASAZI missing DirEntry 208

...keeps going...


Does anyone know if there is a way to run a consistency check or similar on the Dedup solution?

Or how to fix that problem with the Offline OST files.


Thanks in advances

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Symantec Support

I would suggest you open a case with Symantec BE Support.

As an aside, how is your

As an aside, how is your storage configured, and what kind of storage is it?  I've seen various issues with iSCSI, especially cheaper iSCSI NAS units.  This is in relation to mainly the folder being offline.  Though even with an Equallogic SAN, I've seen issues too, and required some registry tweaking to keep the folder up when you restart the server.

Just for info Hotfix 145462

Just for info Hotfix 145462 also address some PDDE and AVVI issues it is just not on LiveUpdate yet as we have to publish it for manual download before we cam release to liveupdate (which should happen soon)


Also we are working on another Hotfix for PDDE that should also go public soon.


Apply 146017 as

Apply 146017 as well

Update the agents and reboot is required