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Verify Job as separate Job doesnt execute

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Hey there,


we set up a "semi-linked" job at one of our customer sites that runs as follows:

Full Backup from Monday to Saturday at 9pm and a Verify Job for said Full Backup on Saturdays at 6pm.

Full Backups run fine without any major issues. The Verify Job however seems to havent been executed since November. It doesn't show up in the "normal" logs but does show up, if you navigate towards Alerts at the bottom of BackupExec where it says to have ran into a timeout after the configured time.

Timeout makes no sense as there is no Backup job that might overlap with the verify job since each job prior to the verify is finished atleast 8 hours earlier.


Anyone got some ideas as to why this might fail?

So far my Troubleshooting research has led me to curious solutions such as: 

Trying to set up a restore Job without actually restoring any data and verifying said "restore" to get my data verified. (Doesn't seem possible since I am unable to select zero data to restore.

Simply trying to execute the verify job right after backing up isnt feasible due to time constraints.

With Regards