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Verify operation asks for old tapes

Level 2

Every weekend we do a full backup in BackupExec 2012.
The verify operation selected is: "As a separate scheduled job"

When this verify starts, it asks for an old tape (first full backup done with this software)
We just want to verify the tapes of the weekend (which are in the tape loader).
But the verify job asks to insert the older tapes.

Is there something we need to change to just verify the backup just taken?
Is the option "As a separate scheduled job" for some other purpose?

Please help me out with this one as I can't find it.




Employee Accredited Certified

Do you append and then span jobs between tapes a lot as it is possibly that the first backup set on one of the tapes in your library is actually the end of a backup set where the start of it is on a tape that you have removed.


If you are doing this then you might want to consider making the first job you run at a weekend overwrite instead of append as then it can't have a backup set that is half on a tape you have removed and half on the tape that remains present.

Level 2

No, there are 8 tapes in the library, he uses 4 of them for the backup.
So it can handle these tapes.
But when the verify begins, it asks the tapes of some months ago, the first tapes we used to do a full backup. Looks like a seperate verify job will verify all the tapes, not just the last backup??