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Veritas 9.1 Exchange 2003 Restore Emails

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Hello everyone,

I have to restores some old Emails (from 2007). I installed an old Exchange 2003 with the old Hostname also i installed the old Veritas Server (9.1). I successfully inventored the Tapes and i can restore the mail Account but my Problem is:

I see in the Exchange DB the right Size , the right number of Emails but in the Outlook i don't see the restored Emails :( 


Can anyone Help me ?

Thanks a lot


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Have you tried to use something like Kernel for Exchange to get into the Information Store file itself? Used it before and it works like a charm. the other option is to try loading a newer version of BE and restore using that. Thanks!

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If your Exchange server was using a non-English setup OR the Outlook clients that were first used by the end user to connect to the mailbox were non-English then this can cause the mailbox to be created with the "Top of Information Store" folder to be named in the lanugaue concerned.

When it comes to a restore however if the original mailbox and it's attributes don't exist then the mailbox can get re-initialized with it set to use the English version of "Top of Information Store" but still actually restore the mails into the language version of the folder which results in the restore being sucessful but the mail messages being hidden from anyone that connects as they connevt to the new default location of the English folder name

To get at the e-mails in question you will have to either extract the mails using 3rd party tools, OR find out how to edit the propetes of the mailbox (within AD I think) so that you can get it to look back at the correct Top of Information store.

Note: I believe Microsoft has made sure that as long as you are above a certain verision of Exchange and a certain version of Outlook client that Top of Information store is always in English meaning this issue is only seen with the backup sets from older environments.

Also if you never had non-English configurations in your Exchange envrionment then you do not have the condition I describe