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Veritas 9.1 Job engine shutting down

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I am running Veritas 9.1 on a NAS Windows 2003 server that worked flawlessly for several months and then while changing some tapes, the database became corrupt. This required reloading BE and since then whenever a job is scheduled to start, the job engine shuts down. The Event Viewer shows Application Error with message: Faulting application bengine.exe version 9.14691.0 faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.2.3790.0 fault address 0x000109b5

I can restart the services and occasionally can manually start the job and it will run to completion but then shut down next time a job is scheduled to start.

I have loaded this onto another server with different tape drive and get similar results. Job engine stop running.

Level 6
To troubleshoot the issue, perform following steps:

1. Download and install SP1 from the following link:

2. Run Component Checker and check for mismatch dll's:
Please refer the following link on MDAC and Component Checker:

Component Checker can be downloaded from
Note: Check for MDAC 2.8

Level 6
We presume that the step mentioned above has solved your problem. Let us know if the problem still exists and revert back with the error message.

Level 4
I have done the above and still get the same error message

Level 4
To be more specific, I have tried to install SP1 but have not been successful due to a 'rolling back' message.

I have tried changing the name of the Catalog folder as discussed in another post with no luck.