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Veritas 9 not overwriting?

Level 2

We have a bunch of servers which we administer. I'm having a problem with Veritas 9 installations not overwriting the media which has been allocated to the job. These are all disk backups, not tape. I have made sure:

1. The media set properties-overwrite protection period is set to 1 hour. The append is set to 1 hour.

2. Job is set to overwrite media.

3. Under Tools, Options, Media, this is set to overwrite.

I would like to note that ours servers which are running Veritas 10 are not having this problem. Could anyone suggest what I could change to OVERWRITE the media and in turn prevent our disks from filling up to no available space? Thanks a lot for any suggestions!


Level 6
probably won't make a difference here, but just on GP, I'd upgrade to v9.1

v9.1 here

SP4a here

As for the problem itself -

All jobs are overwrite?
All jobs use the same media set?

Level 6

Please update on this issue.

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