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Veritas Backup 16 - Service Crashing

 I have a critical issue with BE. The service beserver.exe is crashing randomly. We tried with the BE support without success.

This server crash at the Windows 2016 server, so we reinstall the BE at a Win 2012 R2, but the service crashes too. If you leave the server without any job running, the services crashes too.

We tried to repair, remove the .Net framework, but without success.

Its the log:

 A process crash has been detected.

Faulting application: BackupExec.exe 16.0.1142.0
Faulting module: KERNELBASE.dll 6.3.9600.18666
Fault offset 0x95fc
Exception code 0xe0434352.


 Any suggestions ?


2 Replies

Re: Veritas Backup 16 - Service Crashing


Have you tried to make sure any AV scans aren't blocking the BE services? If so, put in exclusions and try again.



Re: Veritas Backup 16 - Service Crashing

Yes, we removed the AV. Same problem.