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Veritas Backup Exec 23 - Slow Backup after Windows server 2019 upgrade

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I have recently upgraded 3 windows servers from Windows 2012 R2 to Windows 2019 Standard. These are 2 physical servers and one virtual server running under Vmware Esxi.

The Veritas server (version 23.0.1250.0) is on a separate physical machine running under Windows 2016 Standard. There are no other applications running on this system.

The upgraded servers have the Veritas client (version 23.0.1250.0) installed. There is also an installation of Bitdefender antivirus which does not report any problems.

The issue that I encounter is that the backup time of the Windows 2019 servers has **doubled or tripled** after the upgrade. There is no change in the backup jobs configuration or settings. The upgrade was smooth without any errors. There is no other change in network configuration, traffic, hardware or software. The servers were rebooted as required by the upgrade process.

The data backed up is a mix of MS Office documents, pdf files, SQL databases etc. The size of the data backed up has not changed. The backups do not show any errors, all complete succesfully, BUT the backup rate in megabytes per minute has decreased by 2 or 3 times. Backups that usually take 70-80 minutes now require 3 or more hours.

I have not being able to find any references related to this problem. I have run a number of tests troubleshooting the problem in the network settings of backup jobs, open file locks etc without success. I have disabled real time protection on the antivirus, but the problem remains.

I would appreciate any insight you may have,

Thank you,


Level 5

can you copy 1 GB from any client to Backup exec to find out the copy rate over network.( I assume you are writing the data to a disk on the backup exec)/
is it possible for you to reinstall the agent on one those servers and do a backup test (at least do it twice).
If you are still facing the same issue, Please share the log as well.