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Veritas Backup Exec: All you need to protect VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware Cloud on AWS provides organizations with the ability to integrate on-premise data center environments with AWS using existing tools and skillsets within a standard operating environment. Additionally, it provides access to different native cloud services. 

It is essential to have a data protection solution for this hybrid cloud environment that can protect different workloads and leverages various cloud services to provide better solutions. Veritas Backup Exec 21.1 is certified to support VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on Dell EMCVeritas Backup Exec protects the VMware cloud environment; also, it works seamlessly in VMware Cloud (VMC) with its wide range of data protection features. 

Summary of use cases and architectures mentioned below: 

Use Cases 
Veritas Backup Exec 21.1 and later versions support the following use cases in VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC:  

  • Image level backup and restore of virtual machines. 
  • Restore to an existing or new virtual machine. 
  • Granular restore from image-level backups. 
  • In-guest backup and restore of file system data and application data using Backup Exec Agent for WindowsAgent for Linux/Unix Servers. 

Solution Architecture  
Veritas Backup Exec provides data protection services for virtual machines hosted on VMware vSphere. The Backup Exec server uses the hotadd transport mode for efficient backup and restore of virtual machines that reside on a vSAN datastore. The hotadd transport mode requires a backup host installed in a virtual machine per cluster. 
Following Backup Exec architectures are available to suit a variety of requirements.

Architecture 1: Backup Exec Server in VMC and backup repository in S3


In this architecture, the Backup Exec server is installed in VMC. Backup Exec accesses an AWS S3 backup repository using S3 Endpoint. This architecture supports all use cases mentioned earlier. 
Architecture 2: Backup Exec Server with local backup repository in VMC and remote backup repository in S3 


In this architecture, the Backup Exec server is installed in VMC. The local backup repository and AWS S3 cloud storage are configured in Backup Exec. The local backup repository can be disk storage or deduplication storage. First, the backup happens to the local repository in VMC, and then it is replicated or duplicated to AWS S3. All use cases mentioned earlier are supported with this architecture using both local repository and AWS S3 backup repository. 
Architecture 3: Managed Backup Exec Server (MBES) in VMC and Backup Exec Centralized Administration Server (CAS) in AWS VPC 


In this architecture, the Backup Exec is installed using Central Administration Server Option in AWS VPC and using Managed Backup Exec Server option in VMC virtual machine. Backup and restore jobs can be created and monitored using either of the Backup Exec servers. First, the backup happens to MBES local repository in VMC, and then it is replicated to the CAS backup repository. All use cases mentioned earlier are supported with this architecture. 

Continually Improving Partnership 

Our teams have been diligently working to ensure customers can adopt new deployment models without having to sacrifice data protection. With this latest addition of support for VMC, customers can rest easy knowing that they can make the leap to this new service and keep their data safe.  

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