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Veritas Backup Exec Reinstallation After Ransomware Attack

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Hi All,

Yesterday there was a ransomware attack on my AD server and other servers in network including my veritas backup exec server. Fortunately on veritas server backup partition was not infected but veritas back exec software is corrupted. When i try on open backup exec it says cant find the file path. My question is:

Can i reinstall veritas backup exec and restore all my servers data from backup sets?


Imran Shaikh 



Please refer to the following comprehensive DR technote: - How to perform a manual disaster recovery in Backup Exec

which hopefully should be able to answer your questions. The answer is basically yes, as long as the backups have not been corrupted. If lockdown was enabled then that should have stopped the ransomware changing the files:
(more details on that here: )

However if the OS has problems/some corruption then you may need to reinstall the OS before re-installing Backup Exec (or any application).

Good luck.


Thank you so much for that quick response.

Just want to know once i reinstall will i be able to map all the backup sets again in new installation and restore the server data? or is it big activity which involves veritas support team.



Imran Shaikh 

So ideally you have a copy of the Data and Catalog directories from your original BE install still intact - in which case after BE is re-installed you can use these (replace the new ones created by the new install). If not you will need to create new jobs and run an inventory and catalog of all your storage, to tell Backup Exec what backup sets exisrt on that storage, so you can then run restores.

I would also recommend you check-out the Admin Guide - specifically the section on SDR (Simplified Disaster Recovery) Chapter 21:  - BE 21 Admin Guide (PDF version) - BE 21 Admin Guide (html version) - Chapter 21