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Veritas addresses ransomware and cybersecurity challenges with Backup Exec 21

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In the last couple of years, security has soared to the front of the line on the priority list of many companies and Veritas has been doing the same. Backup Exec became one of the first data protection solutions to introduce protection for the backup data from external attacks where unauthorized processes attempt to modify data hosted on the Media Server.

However, the recent trend towards increasingly sophisticated malware behaviour, highlighted by the use of exploits and other attack vectors, required a more advanced protection. This next step in Backup Exec’s evolution will bring an enhanced, robust enterprise-grade security with the upcoming version of Backup Exec (Q1, 2020).

As part of continued enhancements in the disk storage lockdown feature, Backup Exec 21 will roll out Ransomware Resiliency 2.0 which will NOT allow ANY non-Backup Exec processes to modify backup data even via external code execution. This will further harden backup sets against attack and provide a more resilient data protection to our customers.

Here's a quote form one of the Beta participant, that perfectly states our perspective:

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 10.23.33 AM.png

With Backup Exec 21, Remote Administration Console (RAC) users will be able to connect to the Backup Exec server using the logged on user's credentials as well as using a smart card.

This is especially good news for our public sector customers because smart cards are frequently implemented by government agencies to effectively comply with regulations.

Protecting customer’s data has been, and remains, our highest priority, and these enhancements will further provide our customers the confidence they need in their chosen data protection solution, Backup Exec.

We are extremely excited to work with all of you to help modernize your environment using the NEW Backup Exec. I will be posting additional information about our exciting upcoming release over the coming weeks.

Remember, the BEst is yet to come.

All the BEst,