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Veritas and FREENAS server question.

Level 3
It is possible to use FREENAS server and 11d?

I have try to set my freenas as a storage location were veritas should use as folder storage, butte i can't.

Is there some one that a freenas and use veritas?



Level 6
Hi Miguel,

Please refer to this document:

Symantec Backup Exec 11d (11.0) for Windows Servers - Software Compatibility List (SCL)


Level 3
Hi, and tks

I'm still confused, i can�t understand if it is possible to use my freenas server as storage location.

The problem that i have is, wend i try to tell VERITAS to use my nas, VERITAS popup a msg telling me that need a path like this (c:\xxxxx).

FreeNas server in my network i like a share, and is integrate in my active directory, butte this server don't have physical drivers like windows (C:\ ; D:\ etc..)

My question is there any whey to tell VERITAS to use a share folder in network, and not a physical driver?

If i use windows backup it is possible, butte with VERITAS i can't.

If you can help i will appreciate.



Level 6

Level 3

Yes that link works in VERITAS butte not in Desktop and Laptop Option.

I forgot to tell that this problem is on "Desktop and Laptop Option" in this option VERITAS force me to set a storage location and i can't point in to a share in my network, because the machine were i wont to set this storage, is a FREENAS server (Linux ? Samba), this computer is in my active directory, and I can browse this server from any point of my LAN.

I have tried to create a map drive in my server and point storage location in to that server, butte VERITAS can't see that map drive.

I can't understand why i can't set storage in a network share like:


VERITAS force this:


This is a Linux workstation that?s why VERITAS can't see physical drivers.

Is there any thing i can do to change this?

Many tks.