Veritas is fully committed to Backup Exec

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It's come to our attention on social media that a competitor is misrepresenting a Veritas Technical Support document about end of life for prior versions of Backup Exec. Read the tech note for yourself and see that Backup Exec 16 does not have an "end of Support" date ... and that means we fully support it. Part of the normal lifecycle of every software program is providing users with end of Support dates, often years in advance, so they can plan for future upgrades and mitigate risk.

Let me state clearly that Veritas and the Backup Exec team are very much committed to supporting our existing and future users. We are making it easy for them to transition to, and benefit from, the great features of our latest version of Backup Exec. We also offer prospective users the option to try before they buy. If you’re interested, you can sign up for our free 60-day trialware. Check it out and see how Backup Exec can support your data protection needs.

As the “product marketing dude” I tend to say a lot, and I want to listen more. So, I’d love to hear from you. What’s working with Backup Exec and what can be improved? Let’s have a dialog and figure out the most effective way to protect all your data – whether virtual, physical or cloud, or a combination. We say “One Backup to Rule them All” since Backup Exec excels across virtual, physical and cloud, so you don’t need different backup tools for different environments.

Veritas omnia vincit.


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Andy, if you're really serious about about wanting to hear about what can be improved, please convince product management to allow the product to do proper incremental backup without requiring the enterprise server option.  Or at least unbundle the "advanced disk based backup option" so it can be purchased for a reasonable price.  Without the option, incremental backup is terribly broken.  

Item #1 in this post goes into details.


Thanks Marc for contributing. Please don't take it as corporate double-speak when I say I'll bring this to PM's attention. We are really looking to shake things up in your favor.

Given this and your Spiceworks post (very extensive, thanks) - have you considered moving to Capacity licensing? Per front-end terabyte. You'd get *all* features and simplify your licensing overhead considerably. We have generous cross-grade SKUs to convert your a la carte licenses to capacity. Is that worth a look?

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Thanks for taking the feedback to PM and for taking the time to read it yourself.  I hope one day to be able to update that Spiceworks post with a positive conclusion.

I don't think capacity based licensing would work for us.  It looks like it would be pretty expensive for our configuration.


No problem, Marc. If we don't take the time to listen, we may as well close up shop.

Can I get you in touch with a salesperson who could calculate out the capacity license for you? We can work with your reseller to ensure you get the best value out of it. LMK - feel free to PM me at aspencer at veritas dot com.