Very Slow Backup in LINUX/UNIX 6,00 MB/Min

Hi!! I have a Windows Server 2003 with do a couple of backups per day.

The version is the Backup Exec 12.5 with all the updates. (Rev. 2213)
The backups from Windows works correctly (700MB/min - 1.500MB/min).
And the problem is that the backups from Unix/Linux goes at (4,00 to 6,00 MB/min),
This Server are in the same Network than the other Servers, when the copy are launched the CPU usage is less than 5,00 %. If I copy a File from the Server to the Linux/Unix when the Backup job is active, the speed is (8,00 -10, MB/per Second). The Computer is a Solaris 10.
I dont know was the problem, but I am sure that probably are relationated whit the Symantec Agent or Console.
Thanks a lot of for anyone help me!! Sorry for my English!!
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Hi, When you updated your BE


When you updated your BE media server, did you look at pushing the updates to your Linux servers, or installing them manually? Has this problem cropped up now, or have you always had it?


RE: Very Slow Backup in LINUX/UNIX 6,00 MB/Min

in the past, speeds this slow usually seem to come from NICs that do  not handshake well when set to Auto-Negotiate.

Try hard setting all NICs and switch ports in the path from the Linux machine to the Media Server to the highest speed that each pair will support  100/Full  for example

No matter how hard I've

No matter how hard I've tried, any RALUS based backups have been 25% the speed of Windows based backups...  I know that port speed has an influence..  But still, the RALUS speeds are pretty dismal.  

Thanks for the solutions: -

Thanks for the solutions:

- The problems are always, since the instalation.

- I can´t revise the state of NICS now, but I'm going to do.

At the moment I want to install the hotfix 352317, then Service Pack 3 for BE and last update the agents of Windows and Linux.

I will tell you what hapenned!

Thank You again!

Re: Very Slow Backup in LINUX/UNIX 6,00 MB/Min

Any news on how this went? Did it help at all?