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Virtual Machine Restore

I have a ticket open right now on problems with the GRT not working...While they work on it I wanted to do some testing of the rest of the agent so I did an image only backup.  I then deleted the Virtual Machine and went to restore.  I've tried every way immaginable with no luck.  The job reports it restored successfully but it never shows up in Virtual Center. 


I do have the Converter installed and all requisites.  I also see the files get put in my temporary storage location.  The weird thing is that Backup Exec deletes that folder when the restore gets to 97%.


The only work around I have found so far is to place an explicit deny delete NTFS permission on the temporary staging folder and then manually run the converter.  Obviously this is an unaccaptable solution.


I'm getting rather frustrated that an agent we paid several thousand dollars for so far is unable to either backup or restore reliably and hope to see this addressed by Symantec very shortly.

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Re: Virtual Machine Restore

Were you able to get this working?  If so, please post the results if you wouldn't mind.