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Vmware Backup D2D2T

HI Guys,

I am trying to setup a vmware disk-to-disk-to-tape backup stratergy. We have approx 1tb of virtual machines to backup which i would like offsite to tape. The main concern is the amount of time to backup. We have a time window of approx 8 hours overnight to disk, then the tape backup can run from the backup server at any time


The infrastucture consists of the following

- 2 x Vmware 5.0 hosts

- 1x Equallogic 

- 1x LTO 5 Tape Drive connected via sas 6gb/s

- 1x Backup Server running Symantec Backupexec2010 R3 with all licenses required.


I believe what I am trying to achieve would be a backup to disk policy then to tape. My only problem would be getting the entire backup to the tape for dr purposes.


What are the best ways of getting the results I am looking for? Would we need to incorperate incremental or differential backups to tape only?



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You would need to use

You would need to use incremental or differential backups if you cannot do your full backups within the 8 hours backup window.  Otherwise just do full backups.

I don't see your problem getting everything on to tape.  As you said, D2T can be done anytime.

What you are trying to do is about the best there is.

So best practise would be to

So best practise would be to do the following schedule

Daily incremental

Weekly full

Duplicate both to tape nightly 


or is there a better solution?



or is there a better

or is there a better solution?

No.  If you can do full backups daily, you should to do, instead of incremental backups.  This will save you time during a restore.

What about sythentic full

What about sythentic full backups?


Is it possible to have a

A: weekly full backup (Disk)
B: Daily incremental or differential(Disk) 
C: Replicate both A & B to tape nightly 

Meaning a full backup each night to tape, full recovery from tape