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WAN / Dedupe Question

We support a company that has two sites with one being the primary and one the secondary. They have a T1 connection between the sites and on Friday's we start a backup across the T1 that is about 40GB and takes 70 hours. The rest of the week we perform incrementals which are about 2GB and take 3 hours. If we implement dedupe and perform full backups every night will only the unique data be transferred across the wan? If someone can elaborate/explain how this would work, that would be great.. thanks

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Did you see the PDF of

Did you see the PDF of Deduplication?



Client Deduplication – Deduplication at the Source

Backup Exec 2010’s Ded uplication Option can enable client deduplication. This is the act of performing deduplication at the source, and removing redundant data as close to the source as possible maximizes the benefits of deduplication. Backup Exec 2010 offers source dedu plication at the client, built into the product for fast, efficient backup and recovery. Client deduplication removes redundant data at the source, which leads to lower memory and bandwidth utilization compared to a traditional backup, thereby freeing up more client resources for production services in both physical and virtual environments. Deduplicating information closer to the source will decrease network traffic and reduce the storage footprint, helping to beat backup windows and make backup strategies more successful.

Client Deduplication delivers:

 Significant reduction in backup data – up to 9:1 (90%) or higher reduction in amount of data stored for file system backups

 Significant reduction in Microsoft Exchange backup data – up to 6:1 (80%) or higher reduction in the amount of data stored for Exchange backups.

 Significantly reduced network bandwidth – up to 90% or more reduction in network bandwidth for