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Wanted: User-Independent Continnous Protection Agent for Desktop OSes

Any plans to release a user-independent continous protection backup agent for desktop operating systems (such as Windows XP/Vista/7 etc?)  Unfortunately the current continous protection agent release is not compatible with desktop OSes and the Desktop / Laptop Option is user-dependent.  I need a Backup Exec agent similar to Mozy (runs in the background on a schedule or continously, regardless of the user logon state, plus compatible with Mac and Windows desktop and server operating systems.)  Symantec, step up to the plate.

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I do agree but if you don't

I do agree but if you don't want it continously then you can install the raws on these clients and can run the backups without any issues. Also if you want to repeat the backups run after certain period of time you can set that as well.

Our DLO is user centeric and not supported on MAC.

RE: Wanted: User-Independent Continnous Protection Agent for Des

Yeah, CPS is geared toward Server OSes

DLO is not intended for Disaster Recover type restores, only for user files, so if the user is not logged on, they won't be changing any data, right?

Sounds like what you need is a standard RAWS backup (serial required for Vista and above,  no serial for XP and below)

Might be worth you

Might be worth you investigating the capability of BESR (BackuP Exec System Recovery) - might not meet all your requirements but may meet enough - BESR has it's own forum as it is a separate product.

Some more details on my setup

Some more details on my setup and why DLO and RAWS are not prefered solutions. 


RAWS: I currently use RAWS for IDR backups.  Biggest drawback is that my desktop clients are not always online when backups are scheduled.  I could increase the frequency of backup jobs but that will tax my media server. I'd like changed data to be backed up within an hour or thereabout.  Another drawbackup is the lack of a "versions" model for data backups. 

DLO: Each desktop client is used by multiple users with local and domain accounts.  Not practical to pre-authorize each user via the DLO admin console.  Plus data is stored in shared folders on the local hard drive (DLO backups will cause duplication.)

BTW, using a file server for data storage is not an option.  These clients run applications that do not work too well with high latency data sources. 

If you want the changed files

If you want the changed files to be backed up immediatedly then backup will not be solution as backup is totally different and you need something kind of replication software. We use REPLISTOR in our environment for these kind of things which does the real time replication from source to destination. This is a EMC product.

Not immediately but on a

Not immediately but on a frequent schedule.  More like continous backups.