Warning message in DLO


Please I need your help, I show me this warning message in my console, I don't know what i can to do.

Thanks my friends




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Re: Warning message in DLO

Refer to the TN below to resolve this error:




Hello friend, But my problem

Hello friend,

But my problem is not network data folder, my problem is "The volume containing the desktop user data folder is running low. There is less than 5% disk space remaining. "

Do you know any article or manual on how to fix it?


Re: Warning message in DLO

Have you checked to make sure you have enough disk space on the PC/server in question? Only ways around this are to decrease data being held or increase the size of the volume.


Re: Warning message in DLO

My server is ok it has much disk space.

Do you think that PCs do not have disk space?



Re: Warning message in DLO

Check that out and see if that isn't the case. But also make sure that the folder assigned to DLO isn't out of disk space if a limit was set...


Re: Warning message in DLO

Desktop User Data Folder (DUDF) refers to the space on the C:\ of the DLO client. (By default, it is C:\, though it can be moved to other volume as well)

What are the number of revisions set for the DUDF ?

Is there any quota limit set via the Profile or via the C:\ drive itself ?

To fix this, lessen the number of revisions for the DUDF. Also, backups go to DUDF first and then to the Network User Data Folder (NUDF). Ensure there is sufficient free space in the C:\ or move the DUDF to an alternate volume.

Re: Warning message in DLO

Not that you haven't had at least some help inside the Backup Exec forum for your currrnt issue, so this is just for information.

In the future (even for the version of DLO that was part of Backup Exec), suggest you post DLO questions in the DLO forum here: