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Wednesdays Duplicate Diff Looking for Previous Weeks Diff Not this Weeks

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I have got an odd thing happening, and I must say a lot of it is odd with BUE 12. It's a great product some things are very clever and easy to understand almost exciting, but sometimes I wonder if it's almost to clever. Either way here is my dilema.


I have my jobs configured as follows. Saturday night full, Monday thru Thursday Diff> Duplicate each one to tape. Everything runs well to disk but one of my nightly differentials, wednesday night, is failing with the good old error. Cannot find catalog media or something to that effect. Upon investigation I have found that it was looking for last weeks wednesday diff at least that's what it seems like. I looked at the job history and I did cancel last weeks job. My question is, Is it possible to get this job to catch up so that it looks for next weeks wednesday diff?

Media Created Wednesday.PNG






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Unless you are using the BE 2012 duplicate only last full option, then duplicate jobs will always try to duplicate everything in the job definition that has not been sucessfully duplicated already

If this happens to a set that you then overwrite before you next run the duplicate then you will get catalog errors.

Only way to get out of the situation in BE 2012 (currently anyway) is to completely delete the duplicate stage from the job, save the job without the stage, and then edit the job and add it back in. (Note 2010 did have a way to edit the duplicate job selection after you get the error and you could then retry the duplicate)

In the future we are planning to introduce an automatic removal of duplicate selections where the backup set no longer exists, however this is not likely to make the current product.

EDIT document disucssing this =



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First thank you for the response, and I apologize for the lenght of my response.

So any duplicate jobs I create are going to try and duplicate all jobs that have not been duplicated since the last time it ran? That makes sense. Right now I have my jobs set to duplicate according to schedule. Is there any way I can set them so that they will always only duplicate the the most recent differential?

My backup job is configured. In this way for a typical day.

Example Tuesday (but could be any day of the week because they are all the same.)

Tuesday Differential Backup to Disk at 6PM.

Duplicate Tuesdays According to Schedule to Tape at 3AM the next day. So under Schedule I have

According to Schedule                                                                                                                                  Source: Selected Backups (Radial Selected) Tuesday box is checked

Schedule is set to Every 1 week on (Wednesday) at 1:00AM


So if this job fails because I forget a tape, or because the server is offline, or for any reason what so ever. I have to manually run that job in the morning and make sure it runs successfully. If I don't do that, next Tuesday will run and it will look for the backup set from the previous Tuesday and if it is not there then that job will not run either? Thus forcing me to delete this particular Diff and start over with a new diff for Tuesday?


Also when you say it will not make it into this product what does that mean? That BUE 2012 will be replaced with 2014 or whatever and that will have the ability to select duplicate most recent differential?


I know this is wordy I'm just trying to get my head around it so i can create a job that will have the least likely possibility of failing.

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You can schedule the duplicate to start immediately after the original backup finishes, however that will not stop the issue form ocurring as that duplicate could still fail (or be cancelled, experience a power cut etc) There is no option for only most recent differential, although I have asked why not internally as not having an option for only most recent incremental makes sense as the incremental duplicate chain would be broken if you were missing a previous incremental)

With regards having an option to duplicate last differential, suggest you post an Idea (on these fourms using the Create Content Menu) We treat Ideas as Enhancement requests and other forum members get to vote on them.

Yes if you know a duplicate job has failed then you either need to make sure the backup set on disk cannot be ovewritten or reclaimed early (you can temporarily set "Retain" on the disk based backup sets in the 2012 console, storage section, and then remove it later) or you do need to try and re-run that job the next day.