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Weekly Full Duplicate backup wont complete untill TS Weekly Full Duplicate Jobs Complete

Hi Guys,

I have a bit of a strange issues. To give you an idea as how we are configured I will detail our policies and then detail the issue.

Backup Setup

Backup Server  Windows Server 2008 R2, Backup Exec 2010 R3 with SP4 on a Physical Server connected to a Robotic Library.  


Default Policy – This contains a Weekly Full Backup which backups to a folder call BackupToDisk. This backup is then duplicated by a backup called Weekly Full Duplicate. The Weekly Full Backup runs on a Friday between 22:01 and 21:59 on the Saturday. The duplicate backup is then set to run once the Weekly Full backup completes

Terminal Servers Policy – This contains a Weekly Full backup to Disk which again save backups to the BackUpToDisk Folder and then has a second linked job to Duplicate the backups to Tape. These jobs run on a Saturday starting at 22:01 till 21:59 on the Sunday.

Both duplicate jobs are linked to their respective Weekly Full Jobs and the use the Media Sets.


Currently the Weekly Full backup for our Default Policy for our main servers runs perfectly fine on a Friday and into the Saturday, but the duplicate job always fail with the following error message The job failed with the following error: The device cannot be found. If I then try and run the Jobs again by resubmitting on the Saturday then the Jobs again fail with the same error message. If I wait until after the Terminal Server jobs have completed on the Sunday and then resubmit the jobs for the rest of the servers the jobs complete successfully.

The Terminal Server Jobs both Weekly Full and Duplicate complete successfully.

I have checked that all the previous Weekly Full backups have completed which have all completed successfully, so there is no reason why the backup shouldn’t be working.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this happening and what I can do to stop this from happening.

Kind Regards

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How many concurrent

How many concurrent operations are allowed on the Backup to Disk folder ?

What template rules have been specified for these policies ?

Hi, The rules are When Weeky


The rules are When Weeky Full backup complets start Weekly Full Duplicated on both templates.

There are 16 Conrrecnt connections allowed on the BackupToDisk folder which is the Maximum it will allow us.

Kind Regards

Rather than scheduling the

Rather than scheduling the duplicate jobs, let them run immediately after the backup jobs complete

Hi, That is how they are


That is how they are configured is to run once the Weekly Full backups are complete and in the Template under Schedule it is set to 'Run Accounding to rules in the template'.

Kind Regards

Are both duplicate jobs

Are both duplicate jobs duplicating from the same source and to the same destination?

Have you tried delaying one of the jobs until the other has finished duplicating?

Hi, Yes they are both using


Yes they are both using the same Source Folde and then going to the Same Destiation. The Destination is the Tape Library and the Source folder is the BackupToDisk Folder. The indervidual jobs are for different Server which are all run by one backup server.

All of my Weekly full jobs have completed but my Weekly Full Duplicate jobs have failed with the above error.


Your problem is probably due

Your problem is probably due to resource contention. Try not to let the duplicate jobs overlap each other

Hi, It's only running one


It's only running one duplicate job at a time as the Tape Library can only handle one job at a time.

Kind Regards

Yes, but it is the queuing

Yes, but it is the queuing that caused your problem