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Weird Backup Exec Issue "The query for IRVMMetaData Failed"

Level 4

Hello Everyone,

Just a bit of info on what had happen on our enivronment, we had a database corruption issue that was cause by an unexpected shutdown and with Veritas Supports help we were able to restore our database back to a recent backup. 

Before the restore we were unable to even used Backup Exec as one of the service would not start. Anyway we ended up being able to get Backup exec up and running but as of this moment we are recieving this weird, "The query for IRVMMetaData Failed" at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I am wondering if someone else had came across this issue before.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

IRVMMetadata is a table in the BEDB & this error suggests that either the UI is not able to retreive certain data from this table or there may be an issue accessing the BEDB.

Would recommend to first start with checking the event viewer if it contains any relevant information. If not, try a BEDB and a Backup Exec repair.

Use this KB for repairing the BEDB -

Also, what is the size of the BEDB ?