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What can be done with a one time backup?

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It is clear that one time backup can be recoverd to the machine it has created from, but beside that: 

1- Is it possible to create an increamental backup of a server based on its previous "one time backup" ?

2- Is it possible to recover or convert a "one time backup" to a new or existing VM?


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1. No.  If you need incremental backups, use a scheduled job.

2. Yes.  You can convert the backup to a new VM, not an existing one, if the backup is SDR-capable.

Thanks pkh for your reply.

It is mensioned some where in the forum that UEFI  enabled machines can not be converted to VM. Isn't there a work around? 

Also I tried to convert my one time backup to a Hyper-V VM but it seems Endpoint Security on the HyperV machine causes some problem for the process. can you provide me with a solution? Or shall I ask this in a seperate tpoic? (I have seen a post for BE 2012 for the same problem but it seems too old to be exact.)


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If Endpoint is preventing it you need to find out how to exclude this process from the scan.