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What's the scoop regarding Final error: 0xe00084b8 (support doc #277612)???

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I ran w/version 10.1d for three months just fine, backing up 3 Windows servers, one of which was a Domino 6.5.4 server. Then, I suddenly started experiencing the problem documented in Nothing on the Domino server had changed. I called tech support to resolve the problem and was given a solution that hasn't helped much, that being AOFO.

The folks who worked the problem with me from Symantec tech support indicated that the problem is caused by a problem/incompatibility on the IBM Domino end. Being a long-standing IBM business partner with access to IBM tech support resources I asked for detailed information regarding the IBM problem. I never received anything from Symantec. Support did indicate that would be updated when a solution is implemented. Six months later and I'm still waiting for the solution....

In the meantime, AOFO has complicated my backup admin life. It has caused my backups to frequently fail or complete w/exceptions because of AOFO's inability to get "quiet time" on a server's volume(s) in the backup set in order to produce a valid snapshot. I use policies to implement a differential/full backup scheme to disk and duplicate backup sets to tape. Policies force me to use AOFO on all servers in the backup scope, which has pushed my backup window into business hours. I have since learned, the hard way, that proper deployment of AOFO requires a disk volume dedicated to the AOFO snapshot directory. My servers were not configured for such a requirement, so I had to place the AOFO directory on a volume being used by the hosted applications.

I've considered upgrading to 11d to see if it would fix the Domino agent problem, but the posts about numerous other problems, including failure of differential backups that worked fine in 10d, has scared me away and I haven't found any posts to indicate that 11d fixes the problem.

So here's my question - Exactly what is the problem with the 10d version of the Lotus Domino agent and when can I expect to have a solution to the problem and actually get to use a product (Lotus Domino agent) that my company paid good money for?

Help is appreciated! I'm tired of dealing with AOFO and want it out of my backup life! I want my Domino agent back!