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When will Apple Snow Leopard be supported in Backup Exec Agent?

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Is there an ETA?


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I don't know the details, but the Snow Leopard (10.6) release made some changes that made it incompatible with our current Remote Agent for Macintosh Systems (RAMS) so support will require a patch. I do not have an ETA when BEWS 12.5 will support Snow Leopard; i advise you to check our Software Compatibility List   on the BEWS Support Web page frequently to see if it has been added.

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 Last I heard it will be a Hotfix for the BE 2010 release - so not available on release of BE 2010 but should follow.

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Is there an update to this info?

Is there a way to enter my email address somewhere to be notified?




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Are there any updates on the ETA for this?

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You guys are killing me!  I'd just like to have an ETA on this for planning purposes...i'm not saying solve the problem but if someone is working on it then can we have a time estimate, even if it is very generous?  3 months? 6 Months?  2 years?  10 years?  Any help with this is appreciated.  Also, if you are a "Symantec Employee" and are replying to this with "I really don't know, but..." then please don't bother replying until you find out the answer.


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 I just spoke with someone in sales who directly contacted an engineer at Symantec.  The bad news was the engineer told him that support for Snow Leopard (10.6) is still being considered.  That's right, "considered".  I then asked "Does that mean this isn;t in development yet?"  He confirmed that was the case. 

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Engineers have ABSOLUTELY NO INPUT to the development.  Only Product Managers do, and they are the only reliable source for roadmap kind of info.

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I too would really appreciate at least an ETA as to when (or if) OS X 10.6.x support will be addressed.  We are approaching 8 months since 10.6 was released, and I have been unable to deploy a new server because my backup solution of choice does not support it. If someone at Symantec could give us some sort  of an idea of how long we will have to wait, I can evalutate if we can afford to wait or if we will need to jump ship and find a solution from another vendor. Thanks.

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An ETA would be nice.

However, dont cry wolf if you dont really mean it...  Most of the products I've seen that do actually support OSX are from the likes of IBM  (Tivoli), NetVault, and a few others that are 2-6x more in cost than Backup Exec costs.  And then there are some smaller players that dont even show up as a blip on the radar as a backup vendor that do really well for Mac, but below average for every other OS.  

If I were you, I'd just setup a CIFS share on OSX and backup the share...

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This reminds me of when Symantec/Veritas/whoever droped support for NT 4.

We still have a NT server in production (not by my choice). I couldn't get the BE12 agent to run on my NT 4 server - so I just set it up to RSYNC my data over to another server (running Server 2003). I then backup the 2003 server with BE12.

It works better than the agent, and it saved me an agent license.