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Where to download BE 2010 R3?


I need an installation media for BE 2010 R3 for migration purposes. but can't find BE 2010 R3 for downloading. On the trial page this version is'nt listed anymore. I also have looked for it on a site named "fileconnect", but there I was asked for a serial number. After googling around I learned, that the serial number is contained in a file called "besernum.xml". But the serial number I found there does not work ("invalid"). Can someone please help me how to find out the serial number (the original cd does not exist anymore) or where to find BE 2010 R3 for downloading?

Thanks in advance and regards,

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Accepted Solution!

Below link is for BE2010

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Accepted Solution!

Below link is for BE2010

Works, thanks Amol!

Works, thanks Amol!