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Why can't Backup Exec tell me WHERE remote agents are installed?

I feel this is a common problem amongst users of Backup Exec (we're using version 12.5). When I run a Backup Exec License Assessment Tool Report, it reports how many "Licenses Detected," and "Licenses Used," but why won't it report to me WHERE the alleged "Licenses Used" are actually located? I have searched and read many folks asking the same basic thing--why can't Symantec simply report exactly where (i.e., on what computers) all of the different types of licenses are currently located? (I have never found a solution to what I'm asking, though, in those searches.)

For example, that report tells me that we have 1 license for the "Advanced Open File Option" and then tells me I'm using 6 licenses! How do I track down that "option"? We have more than 40 servers; am I supposed to remote into each of them in turn, then drill down into Symantec folders to try to determine what licenses/options are installed on each? It is distressing because if the report can tell me HOW MANY servers some agent is installed on, it OUGHT to be able to tell me WHICH computers have those agents!

Symantec, of course, can say that we should keep good records of what was installed where. Well, with different folks taking over the backup duties, that doesn't always happen as it should. Sometimes things were installed and were not noted. Sometimes computers get replaced and the agent/option wasn't removed from the old (retired) server--does that non-removed agent count as still being "in use"? If Symantec's software knows where the agents are installed, why does it need to keep that information secret instead of sharing it with the folks who pay for that software?

I welcome any Symantec employee who can provide me with an answer to this question: How can I (fairly easily) find out on EXACTLY WHICH computers the various Backup Exec agents and options are installed? This should be an option from the Backup Exec console. Thank you.

Garry K

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RE: Why can't Backup Exec tell me WHERE remote agents are instal

Don't have any answer for what seems like an obvious limitation in the LAT , but I have set the Support Flag to draw the attention of the Symantec folks on the boards

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This might also be something to put in the "Ideas" area

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...Garry: Also consider

...Garry: Also consider adding this as an Idea (check the options at the top of this page). If enough votes/traffic are cast/seen, there is a chance it will be considered for future versions (subject to Symantec's approval!).

I CAN tell you though, that ARCserve also does a license scan...but doesn't tell you exactly what licenses are installed where either :(

Hello All,

I just posted this in the IDEA column with title " Records about which servers has Remote Agent installed on it " adding some more thoughts. Please take a look at it and suggest if we can improve this further.




Although BE can be enhanced

Although BE can be enhanced to list which computers have remote agents on them, it would not be able to tell which options (Exchange, etc) are used on which computer.  The options are installed on the media server and are available to all remote servers.

PKH is correct the licenses

PKH is correct the licenses are installed on the Media Server and checked at the start of each job so it would be difficult to state that SQL (for instance) is currently being used by any one remote server.

As long as you configure publishing (don't have firewall rules blocking it) and don't use user defined selections then Favorite Resources in your Backup Selections would show the current installed Remote Agents