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Why is Symantec support so unbelievably $#$%?

Upgraded to BE 2010 from 11.5, continial errors, every day - I haven't had a successful backup for around 4 weeks, from basically the time I upgraded.

We were forced to purchase a 'year subscription' to Symantec support so I though we may s well use them. Apart from the fact it takes a week to be answered when this shmuck could be bothered he jmust cokpy and pasted from the web, the stuff I had already down. It's been another week, yet another week of failing backups and still no word.

How do I get to a muppet who knows what's going and not part of the drag and drop brigade?

A number would be really really good...................

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What is your exact

What is your exact problem?

Do you have problems with Backup Exec or do you have trouble with your license keys ?


 @downloadkid: Try an open

 @downloadkid: Try an open call with Computer Associates for over 3 months now with a reply: We are busy with the issue in our lab! ALL companies are the same, not just Symantec. Meanwhile, SAP BWP backups are still running at 70 hours. At least with Symantec I get better service, but it seems to depend where in the world you are, and the severity you log your call with!


That said...the Connect forums are a good place to get some support, so send through some details here of your problem, and see if someone here can help you in the meantime...


Upgrade issue

Firm believer of the forums...they help.. worth a try too..

As far as you issue is concerned sometimes using a different logon account during the upgrade tend to cause the backups to fail right after the upgrade, check that. You might get it working..or if a job log can be posted may also do the trick.


RE: Upgrade issue

What does this response have to do with the OP's problem?


Still &*(&(...............this

Still *&*(&*&(...............this case has been going on since the 26th January...........still backups are failing.

Though I appreciate that the forums are a good source of info, we PAID for this &*&)& support and I'll be dammed if I am going to do the leg work. You don't buy a dog and bark yourself..................


Hit the Escalate to Support

Hit the Escalate to Support button for you...and hold the language in the forums =)


Give it a day or 2, and please post back here whether or not someone manages to get hold of you. Just have your call reference # ready so that they can check up on it for you...


still s&*(&)

Well come the end of this week I won't have had a functioning backup for 2 months - in fact longer, but I logged this issue with 'support' on 26th Jan.

Enough is enough, the product doesn't work, it's an expensive flop, the support is broken to; not sure they are even able to read; they have asked for and recieved the same info a dozen times and still have no suggestions; well I do firstly if you're thinking of buying into this crap, save yourself the grief and don't. It's expensive, you're forced to buy support and that's about as much use as a chocolate tea pot, a light house in a desert etc etc......bad, bad, bad. Unfortunately having spoken to my counterparts up and down the country, they too are experiencing issues with this product, and again support don't know what they are doing.

I've just go onto our supplier and told him I want a complete refund as 2 months is more then enough to get this sorted, all have failed. If the product is not 'fit for purpose' you are entitled to a refund. Also forwareded on to legal.


@downloadkid- Looks like you

@downloadkid- Looks like you have really had a very bad experience...however, Symantec Support, is the  best in the just  have to be patient..if they are not able to solve an issue, like yours is for 2  months, then, surely something is wrong somewhere , either in the environment, or in the  product...and they would investigate to find out. If it requires a bug fix, so be it. They would definitely do doubts about it.

If you want a better techbnical support, then , Symantec provides options like remote  Product specialist, or others too, who would give your conmpany  personal support. Think about buying that...if you wish.

but please get it straight....Symantec, both products, and  Support are the BEST.!!!!!



...can't believe nobody here

...can't believe nobody here on the forums picked up on this. That is a bit poor! sad


...they have issues in

...they have issues in certain parts of the world. I live in South Africa and don't have an issue when I call in a support call. Elsewhere, they have an issue. It is acknowledged in the forums that they are working on it.

Saying that they have the best support to a guy who has waited 2 months for a solution might not be the wisest thing to say.


The topicstarter should post

The topicstarter should post his issue on the forum, than someone can probably better help him than guessing what is wrong....


Then I guess that I am a

Then I guess that I am a lucky man not having to had to call on support from other companies; maybe I'm good at my job, what I'm not is a guinea pig for a poorly executed program, supported by poorly trained staff who you can barely understand.

Symantec are not the best products by far, their AV is like a virus in itself; in fact it would be fair to say that every symantec / norton product I've ever used has been superceeded by another, better program for a bucket loads of reasons. This then, is a natural progression - but not before we get our money back.


As enlightening as this

As enlightening as this thread is, there are better and more constructive ways to voice concern and criticism without having to resort to profanity.

@Downloadkid, I'm really

@Downloadkid, I'm really sorry for your negative experience and hope that we can turn it around for you. 

While I don't want to sideline a discussion, we do have 'offending language' guidelines on the Connect community. In the spirit of your posts, I've just replaced any offending language with some text strings, which I believe keeps the meaning of your posting well alive.

Again, I am sorry to hear of your experience.


~ Community Manager


Backup Exec is in 90%+ of the

Backup Exec is in 90%+ of the SMB businesses today.  BackupExec also dominates in more than 20% of the worlds backup app of choice, with NetBackup somewhere in the 25% range, making them #1 and #2.

The product works, though there are probably some very trivial and common mistakes you have made that are being overlooked in your upgrade.  Frankly upgrades shouldn't be taken lightly and are often plauged with issues.  Going from such a big leap of versions, I personally would have just started fresh, and imported my database and catalogs.  Especially since many of the good 2010 features require a 64bit OS.  

That said, if you want to take the time to call one more time.  Do it, and when you speak to a human, ask for a "Duty Manager," immediately.  Insist on it.  SO that your case can be escalated.  You also have not stated your case severity.  In cases like this, it/s a severity 1 of "System Down," at this point I would think.


...I personally hit the

...I personally hit the escalation button here. It should have been picked up.


...seems like the previous

...seems like the previous post on the upgrade was removed...? 11d to 2010 R2!


Why not post a forum query explaining your issues. Maybe in the time you're waiting for your money you can get your problem solved.